Specialised RTO consultancy for...

Initial registration of RTO

Book a free half hour consult if you are thinking of starting an RTO. We will provide you with a full road map of what it means to become an RTO. You will receive:

  • cost analysis

  • risk analysis

  • inial appraisal of your RTO idea

RTO compliance

Trainspace provides a total systems and document solution for quality management including system templates and intranet solutions. Quality management systems do not work in isolation. Ask us how to build and integrate business planning, HR, WHS and project management into you overall business and quality management.

eLearning strategy implementation

Trainspace eLearning consultancy and implementation services addresses the challenges posed by eLearning for those who just don’t know where to start. We have implemented eLearning for Government agencies, RTOs and SMEs. eLearning implementation is simpler than you think. Ask us to show you

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Blended learning models

Smart use of technology

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